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We have been a provider of production solutions in a broad range of technical, design and production management areas for nearly five decades.

Our fluency in all branches of technical event production allows us to be a vastly more efficient and effective supplier of innovative and integrated solutions for live and special events.

Our work supports many of the most important names in technology, broadcast, defense and consumer products.

Our emphasis on teamwork within our organization, with our clients and our production partners ensures the best possible execution of your creative efforts.



We are ready to design and equip your production with the most advanced and reliable systems best suited to your needs.


Pandora Media Server






We provide complete technical staffing solutions with an emphasis on building experienced teams, cross-trained in multiple disciplines allowing for a broader knowledge base, superior responsiveness and an exceptional degree of control over the quality of your production.




Our mission is to provide the expertise and technology to execute the flawless presentation your audience expects.

UHD System 5

WPC 2005




History And Experience

Since our founding in 1970 we have continued our commitment to technical innovation and a driven dedication to our craft.



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