He walked out on another child (not mine) before he met me and has never bothered with her either. I think i get what u mean , i think the only way u have fulll custody is if hes not on the birth certificate , cause i never put my partner on at first so if he ran off with my son the police could go for him . Following the Guidelines for Full Custody . A mother can obtain full custody if she can demonstrate to the court that shared custody could negatively impact her children. However I will ask my colleague who is an expert in this area to advise on your post. You and your child's father can also work out a custody arrangement that is best for your child between yourselves. Very best wishes My ex partner walked out on me and our two children aged 7 & 3 and although he does give me money each month for them (he always rubs it in my face) I decided to put him on the CSA so I wouldnt have to ask if he would be giving me money each month for the children. Many people still assume that young children should be in the care and custody of their mother. I went t hrough a stage with my ex just like this where he would have our son when he felt like it eventually we came up with our current agreement where he has him every other weekend. About Us; Meet The Team; Meet Ayesha Nayyar :lol: We are not a law firm, or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. How to Prove Emotional Child Abuse for Custody, Philip M. Stahl, Ph.D.: Parenting After Divorce: Tips to Prepare for Child Custody Mediation, Findlaw: Browse Child Custody Lawyers by Location. :lol: https://www.netmums.com/coffeehouse/drop-clinic-984/weaning-560/780823-how-can-i-get-full-custody.html#post7872612, What about a contact centre? A willingness to spend considerable money to get what they want; The good news is that there are professionals who deal with these disputes every day, and they know how to win a custody battle against a narcissist. But note that, a nonbiological father can be granted full custody of the child if the mother is found with the following issues. If one parent believes the other to be an unfit mother or an unfit father such custody cases can escalate into a nasty battle. These reasons can apply if: You are married to the father of your children. I was advised by a solicitor that it would be unlikely that a court would grant me a residency order because my ds residency hadn't been questioned. The term "unfit mother" arises out of the now-outdated child custody doctrine that custody of children should be awarded to the mother unless the mother was "unfit." I need help on 2 get full custody of my daughter cause I know the mother can’t cope now having 3 kids around & she needs 2 get help from family members & not her daughter’s dad’s help then plz . It may not be fair for a court to decide full custody based on the criteria above.   However, you should also be prepared for a challenging child custody battle if the child's mother is also planning to file for full custody. Maybe I wasn't sure what it was called that I want but I just want to have it in writing that my kids will live with me all the time and I will be their main carer! I think i get what u mean , i think the only way u have fulll custody is if hes not on the birth certificate , cause i never put my partner on at first so if he ran off with my son the police could go for him . LAW SOCIETY EXCELLENCE AWARDS 2019 WINNER! 17 month old not eating - Help i'm starting to get really worried. It may also help to post on our separation clinic here: Separation Advice Clinic or n our families and relationship Board: Families & Relationships Your best bet would be to see a solicitor who specialises in family law. Most custody disputes involve the child’s mother and father. I hope you can get something sorted out. Do you currently have an official arrangement in place? https://www.netmums.com/coffeehouse/drop-clinic-984/weaning-560/780823-how-can-i-get-full-custody.html#post7872573. Whether you are in the process of getting a divorce, or you had a child with a partner with whom you were not married and are no longer with, you may be wondering what your rights will be in regards to custody as the mother. Use of our products and services are governed by our These said that children under a certain age should always remain in their mother's custody except in cases of abuse or other substantial wrongdoing that would place the children at risk for harm. I will only let him see the children at my house as I do not trust him with them, meaning he might not bring them back on time or he might take them to his mums who has not really ever been a proper grandma and my children don't like going there. What she said! You'll find it extremely difficult to get your ex out of your kids lives............it took a friend of mine several years of court proceedings to finally get her ex (and he is actually a psycho, stalked her, had a criminal record a mile long when the truth came out for doing the same to others, would be in and out of kids life, would pay maintenance then not etc etc) out of her and her daughters lives and he is still allowed to write to her and she must provide him with updates. This portion of the site is for informational purposes only. I think really sometimes you just need to accept that some things are as they are and whilst it's not ideal and you don't really like it, you need to accept it and allow your ex time with his children...... Perhaps if you were more flexible with location etc and gave home more chance to just be dad then he would be more willing? I think it is unfair and unrealistic to say that you never want your children to meet the new gf though, just because someone doesn't have kids of their own and enjoys a good drink doesn't make them a bad person, my husband didn't have children but has been a fantastic step dad to mine. Thanks for your post. Thank you for subscribing to our newsletter! However, today, the law in most states now presumes that mothers and fathers begin a custody case with equal standing. It sounds as though you are hoping to gain a residency order...and that this would give you more of a feeling of security about the arrangements... is that right? The other parent may have visitation rights. The existing relationship between the child and each parent. Unfortunately I had to allow him access unsupervised and overnight and prove that he didn't return ds on time before I could demand supervised visits, still without a residency order. It’s possible for a father to get full custody if he meets the right criteria. My ex partner lives with his mother so has no home of his own plus has a girlfriend who has no kids of her own and enjoys drinking and I dont want my kids to ever meet her. Also he is currently on bail and has to appear in court soon because on a drunken night out he got into a fight and got arrested and put into a cell overnight, hardly father of the year material so I hope you can all see why I dont trust him. It is widely assumed that the mother will get the children in a custody battle. In some cases, parties use mediation to work out an agreement regarding custody. I really want to know how I can get full custody of both my children being that I am the solid parent in their lives and they live full time with me. If he choses not to bother thats different and they will realise that. Read guidance CB001 on making an application. She’s 8. The child shouldnt have to go with out regardless of the situation between his/her parents.Contact and child support are not linked for that very reason.I dont think there are many parents,let alone single parents who can afford not to take child support.